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Apple Books Publishers Want 15% Commission

App developers will soon see the App Store commission drop from 30% to 15%. This will affect those who generate a turnover of less than a million dollars per year. It’s good for them, but others would like to be accommodated in the same boat. This is particularly the case for book publishers who use Apple’s application.

The Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) represents over 3,600 independent US publishers and would also like to qualify for Apple’s 15% commission for books. As a reminder, Apple offers a service called Apple Books which allows you to buy and read books. The 30% commission is on it and there has been no announcement of a 15% cut. It must be said that it is especially the developers who have made themselves heard in recent months.

IBPA request So that Apple also applies a 15% commission instead of 30% for book publishers. The organization explains:

Global tech companies like Apple wield great power over independent creators by controlling software and hardware platforms. While the revenues and profits of tech giants have grown by billions of dollars each year, independent creators have been marginalized by these same platforms, whose algorithms and payments favor established brands and superstars.

40% of IBPA members had an income below $ 5,000 in 2019. 70% say it was under $ 100,000. “Apple can play an important role in helping level the playing field for independent creators during uncertain times”, estimates the IBPA.

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