These new tools are available for users and retailers

Pinterest wants to become more attractive for online shopping. (Photo: Pinterest)

With product links in images, a shopping tab and new functions for retailers, Pinterest wants to make shopping directly on the platform more attractive.

Pinterest gets new shopping tools for retailers and users. The inspiration that Pinterest offers should be linked directly to shopping, shares Pinterest. Some of the tools are new, others were already available in other countries and are now also starting in Germany.

New functions for shopping

Pins should be connected more directly to shopping opportunities. When clicking on a photo, Pinterest now shows shopping opportunities for products, categories and styles in it. Product Pins also have more information on price, delivery, and ratings.

The search function gets a shopping tab. If you are looking for a specific product category on Pinterest, you will only find products that can be bought with this tab.

With Pinterest Lens, users can take pictures of their surroundings and search for similar content. Here, too, there is now an extra tab for shopping results.

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Pinterest automatically compiles all of the products it has saved in a shopping list. As soon as an offer is available for one of the products, Pinterest sends a notification. The list will initially only start in the USA and Great Britain, but should also come to Germany this year.

Company profiles and blue tick

Pinterest is launching a verification program for retailers. Companies can apply for a blue tick, which is awarded based on the quality of the products and website as well as customer service.

Company profiles are given a shop window function in which products in stock are sorted by category. The product tagging function allows retailers to insert links to their products in photos. Users then see the title and price directly in the picture.

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