these are the main improvements

these are the main improvements

With the launch of the Xiaomi 14 series, it was also time for software improvements. MIUI 14 comes with new features in terms of personalization and privacy. The software is more energy efficient and it takes up less storage.

Xiaomi MIUI 14

It was efficiency and stability that were priorities for Xiaomi when developing MIUI 14, Android Authority knows that. The energy consumption of the apps on your phone has been reduced by an average of 22 percent and the software shell itself uses 16 percent less energy.

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If you sometimes read that a new smartphone has 128 GB of storage, for example, you will always see in practice that it has slightly less free storage. That’s because the operating system and software shell already claim some of that storage. Xiaomi has therefore now reduced MIUI’s share of storage by 23 percent. You can also remove more system apps and there are now eight apps where you can’t.

Cute things

MIUI has been known for years for its immensely extensive personalization: from the lock screen, to the themes and the always-on screen. With MIUI 14 you can now determine the size of icons and you can choose from four sizes. You can also add a kind of interactive widgets that Xiaomi calls the “cute things”. Such a cute thing could, for example, be a virtual cat that gets a permanent place on your home screen. So a kind of built-in tamagotchi function (Gen Z readers, click here).

Xiaomi has also updated its existing widgets, there are more settings to personalize folders and the overall design has been given a lick of paint.

Xiaomi MIUI 14 official: these are the main improvements

Privacy and Availability

Xiaomi has also announced that MIUI 14 relies entirely on processing data locally, which is a good thing for user privacy. As an example, Xiaomi gives, among other things, the image processing, object recognition in photos, text recognition in photos, automatic subtitles in video calls and the recorder function.

Please note that on Xiaomi phones, the software shell and the Android version are updated through separate updates. The new Xiaomi 13 series runs on Android 13 and MIUI 14, but separate updates will follow for existing phones.

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MIUI 14 has only been announced in China for now and we don’t expect the new software version to be first on the Xiaomi 12 series in the Netherlands and Belgium until next year. Those phones hit the market in March 2022. Xiaomi may not transfer certain features from the Chinese version of MIUI 14 to the global version of the software. More will be announced about this later.

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