Fossil Gen 6 smartwatches finally equipped with Google Assistant again

The Google Assistant was briefly gone from Fossil smartwatches, but now it’s back. A new update has been released for the smart watches that allows Google’s smart assistant to be used again. That was no longer possible since Wear OS 3 was used on the Gen 6 smartwatches, but Fossil has now solved that.

Wear OS 3

Droid Life writes that you have to do something to have a Google Assistant on your Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch again. You have to download and install the new system update for it. It is also necessary to update the Fossil Smartwatches app on your phone. Not a bad habit in itself, downloading updates in a timely manner, but both are necessary if you want to receive assistance from Google Assistant on your watch again.

Wear OS 3 is also not a bad operating system for the watch: it is made by Google and Samsung and it makes smart watches faster and more energy efficient, so that a much longer battery life can be achieved in general than with an Apple Watch, for example. Fossil is a brand that makes smart watches that run on Android and that made the switch to Wear OS 3 in October 2022, with the result that the Google Assistant no longer works. Amazon’s English-speaking assistant, Alexa, was available.

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Fossil smartwatches

Fossil released the Gen 6 smart watches in 2021. The Gen 6 Hybrid comes in a 45mm and a 40.5mm model. Both watches can last up to two weeks with their battery and are for sale from 229 euros. Initially they came without Wear OS, but now with, so that the watches join Android for smartwatches. Of course, that includes the Google Assistant, so we’re glad it’s back with these updates, though they take some work.

Do you have a Fossil and did you miss the smart assistant? Leave it now in the comments.

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