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These are the Google search trends of 2020

December has started and that means that it is time for annual lists again. Google presents the most important search trends with the Year in Search 2020 overview. This is what we looked for the most in 2020.

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Year in Search 2020: this is what the Netherlands was looking for last year

Every year, Google carefully keeps track of all search trends. At the end of the year, the search engine summarizes all search terms and thus records the trends. From the most sought-after recipe to the question of why people hoard toilet paper, no topic remains undiscussed.

Google presents the annual overview via Google Trends. Complete with inspiring video, puns and mini quizzes. The lists of most searched search terms and questions summarize the year 2020 quite well.

This is what we looked for in 2020:

  1. Coronavirus
  2. RIVM
  3. Elections America
  4. Coronavirus Netherlands
  5. Snappet
  6. Kobe Bryant
  7. Fred van Leer
  8. iPhone 12
  9. Corona Dashboard
  10. Joe Biden

At the top of the list of most used searches is, not surprisingly, “coronavirus”. Followed by “RIVM” and “America elections. In places four and five we come across “coronavirus Netherlands” and “Snappet”, an online learning platform.

The top ten is complemented by searches for the death of star basketball player Kobe Bryant, the turmoil surrounding media personality Fred van Leer, the corona dashboard and the brand new US president Joe Biden. One of the most discussed smartphones of 2020 also has a place in the top 10: Apple’s iPhone 12.

Year in Search worldwide:

  1. Coronavirus
  2. Election results
  3. Kobe Bryant
  4. Zoom
  5. IPL

Google has also taken the average of all countries to create one global ranking. As expected, “coronavirus” also takes first place here, followed by the results of the US presidential elections. “Kobe Bryant” is in third place, followed by video calling service Zoom and “IPL”, the Indian cricket league.

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