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5G compatible plans are coming

That’s it, the operators are finally formalizing the release of their next 5G compatible packages. This is particularly the case with Orange, as we will explain to you in this article. Bouygues Telecom has also released 2 plans that are 5G compatible as stated on its site. Packages that can quickly increase the bill, particularly at Orange which offers a 5G compatible package with unlimited internet at an exorbitant price. We will see through this article what is the interest of 5G, how it works, but also the different packages already displayed with some operators.

What is the point of 5G?

5G, or fifth generation of mobile networks, logically comes after 2G, 3G and 4G. This latest generation will allow many improvements of things that already exist but also a lot of novelties. Let’s retrace the history of the network a bit … The 2G arrival in 1990 allowed things that seem basic to us today: sending SMS / MMS. This evolved in 2000 with the arrival of 3G which allowed the use of sending photos. In 2010, applications, videos and the internet in general arrived on our networks thanks to the 4G that we all (or almost) have today.

But 2020 announces the era of 5G, an area full of improvements and novelties. Augmented reality, connected vehicles, industry 4.0… many areas will benefit from a pleasant technological advance thanks to this new generation of network.

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What are the other possibilities offered by 5G?

This network will be able to serve many professions, in particular for the army for example. It will be possible to remotely control a vehicle entering a hazardous or sensitive area. It is the same with medicine, medical teleconsultations, even telesurgery! Because the latency of the 5G network will be almost zero, which will open up many possibilities. Let us not forget that the essential advantage of this network is also its much higher speed than 4G! All these new ideas are just the start. Many horizons will open up over the years. 5G will continue to improve to be more and more efficient, whether in terms of its speed, responsiveness or its ability to support a large number of users at once.

4G plans are, however, still more relevant than 5G packages. We advise you to go to package comparators for compare easily current offers. All you have to do is enter your budget and what you want to find in your package, the comparator takes care of the rest.

How does 5G work?

5G works thanks to so-called millimeter waves. The frequencies for these waves have been allocated to the operators during the auctions which took place recently. With 5G, much larger antennas will be installed on higher points in order to significantly improve the connection. However, as with all previous generations of networks, it takes a large number of antennas for the network to be effective. Thus, until all the antennas are deployed on French territory, we will not have a real 5G network anywhere in France for a few more years.

What are the first 5G compatible plans?

Orange was among the first with Bouygues Telecom to announce its next 5G packages. The prices have shocked more than one! The 70 GB package is at € 39.99 / month after 12 months, the 100 GB at € 49.99 / month, 150 GB at € 64.99 / month and finally the unlimited at € 94.99 / month. Almost 100 € / month (after one year at 79.99 € / month) for an unlimited 5G plan at Orange! It’s worth wanting, especially since you need a 5G compatible phone but also be in a city where 5G has already been deployed.

Bouygues Telecom has also unveiled its 5G packages. Two plans are offered, a 50 GB at € 30.99 per month after a first year at € 15.99 / month. But also an 80 GB at € 36.99 / month after a first year at € 21.99 / month. Prices are therefore very affordable at Bouygues Telecom for the moment.

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