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Max dates married mothers: “When their husbands go to work, they call me” | Kek Mama

Max (24): “Already at the age of twelve I was madly in love with my school teacher, I have always been someone who likes older women. When I was sixteen I was deflowered by my 29-year-old neighbor and when she no longer found me interesting, I got involved with her sister. Since then, the desire for more mature women has remained. They are much more self-aware, more beautiful and let themselves go more in bed.

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Window cleaning

The funny thing is, I don’t even actively search. I meet women in the pub, through work or on Facebook. Then I suddenly find another naughty message in my inbox or a crumpled note with a phone number that a cashier has put between the bills. Apparently I attract them too.

Right now, I’m dating two older married cougars. They say they are sexually deficient at home. Their husbands refuse oral sex and don’t care about before and after play. Coincidentally my specialties. When their children are at school and their husbands are at work, they call me. Pretty dangerous in itself, but luckily I’ve never been caught. I have my profession, I am a window cleaner. To be on the safe side, I always bring a bucket of soapy water and a wiper to such a ‘coffee appointment’, so that I have an alibi.

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I don’t think it’s a problem for now that the women are tied. Being single suits me just fine. I love flier flutes and I still live at home with my mother. I am not really in love with my ladies either. Although I think 39-year-old Marlies is very attractive. She is pregnant with her second child. Her husband does not want sex during her pregnancy, I have no problem with that. In fact, I find it extra exciting. Coincidentally, she is a real customer of mine, that’s how I met her. But with the regularity with which I visit her, her windows really don’t need to be cleaned.

Until that time…

Last year I had a brief relationship with a thirty-year-old woman. Especially my mother thought that was an acceptable age difference. That relationship ended because she wanted to settle down much more. I feel too young for that. That is why my bound mistresses are ideal. They don’t ask anything of me, they just want fun. Perhaps in the future I will still go for a woman of my own age, because I do have a desire to have children. But that is also possible in ten years. Until then, I will go all out for the lust. ”

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