The new Freedom Phone is said to protect you from the evil technology giants

The self-proclaimed “bitcoin millionaire” Erik Finman has introduced a smartphone called Freedom Phone, which will allegedly protect you from the evil of technology giants. The XDA-Developers portal shed light on this unusual device and found out if it really offered what it promised.

The smartphone should come with uncensored application store“, which allegedly offers all the controversial applications banned in other stores. This point of sale is due to the fact that several apps that censored “controversial” views have been removed from the Google Play store in the U.S. Right-wing users also disliked that major social networks such as Twitter and Facebook had blocked former US President Donald Trump’s accounts for spreading disinformation and inciting violence.

Freedom Phone is just an Umidigi A9 Pro with a new name and almost three times higher price

The official website of the smartphone does not share almost any of its specifications, so we only officially know that it will run on the FreedomOS system with the privacy tool “Trust” and will have pre-installed conservative applications. The price of the device is set at $ 499.

Umidigi A9 Pro | Photo:

However, the device is similar to the Umidigi A9 Pro smartphone, which costs only $ 180 on Amazon. This is probably the device, as Beast Finman confirmed in an interview with The Daily that the Freedom Phone was made by the Chinese company Umidigi.

Used Uncensored Apps Store “downloads apps from the Google Play store

Freedom Phone received several right-wing influencers who helped reveal more details about the device. Video of influenza Candace Owens revealed that used “Uncensored App Store” is actually just a renamed Aurora Store, which only offers an open source application for downloading applications from the Google Play store. We know from other videos that the smartphone probably runs on the LineageOS system, which can be downloaded to most older smartphones.

Freedom Phone - first impression
Freedom Phone | Foto:

Whether you think technology giants are evil or not, Freedom Phone is not worth the money. Finman pretends to use clever marketing to help solve the problem of censorship, but his equipment will not offer you anything he promises.

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