The impossible cell phone becomes a reality

Image source: LG

As part of CES 2021, LG showed a new cell phone that has never existed in this form and that was previously considered impossible to implement. Samsung also wanted to develop a smartphone like this, but has not yet managed it. Now LG is taking the next step.

LG Electronics

LG shows pull-out smartphone in the video

The LG Rollable has not yet been officially presented, but the South Korean company has played an impressive teaser. As part of the presentation at CES 2021, you just have used the upcoming LG Rollableto start and end the show. There the motorized rolling mechanism, in which the display of the smartphone expands or contracts again, could be perfectly demonstrated. We have created a short GIF of this, in which the function is demonstrated:

In contrast to Samsung, Huawei and other companies that build foldable smartphones that can be expanded into tablets, LG did not choose a folding mechanism for the rollable. Instead, the screen just rolls out. Samsung wanted to do exactly the same thing a few years ago, but has not yet fully developed the technology. So LG is showing a cell phone that was previously considered impossible, but has been floating around in the minds of the best engineers in the world for years.

The LG Wing is such a crazy phone too:

LG shows and is silent about the rollable

Except for the two short clips at the beginning and end of the presentation of other products at CES 2021, LG is completely silent about the rollable. No information was given on the technical properties, the rolling mechanism or availability. LG probably just wanted to show that there was something in store that we could look forward to. In any case, the development must be well advanced, otherwise the cell phone would not have been so prominently presented. We are excited to see what exactly awaits us with the LG Rollable.

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