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Director and screenwriter Duncan Jones wrote the screenplay for LucasArts’ 1995 video game Full Throttle. David Bowie’s son, who is signed to Warcraft: The First Clash, Moon or Mute, makes no secret of his love for video games and has participated in videos. for the game Republic: The Revolution. As he now boasted, in his spare time, he wrote the screenplay for a non-existent film based on the Full Throttle adventure.

He was inspired by the unofficial animation created almost a year ago by the Red Knuckles studio. She presented what the game would look like if released now. The original author of Full Throttle, Tim Schafer, also drew attention to it. Jones got the video because he really loved the game. So when he couldn’t move on with another project, he started writing a screenplay for a film that shouldn’t even be. But he could…

What’s more, he made the script freely available. You can read it all, it has 94 pages and according to the first responses, it is said to be really good. In some places it allegedly deviates from the original, in others it adds something, but otherwise it is faithful to the original. But we haven’t gotten to him yet.

And now the question arises as to why he actually did it all. It is really just a personal initiative that nothing is following and the author’s block solved through it. Or is it secretly hoping in secret that someone will notice the project and the finished scenario could become an impulse to launch plans for real adaptation?

And someone has already noticed. Game author Tim Schafer praised the idea on Twitter. He wrote that he wished this year was better than last year, but did not expect Duncan Jones to spontaneously write the whole script. Jones said that if nothing else, the project gave him a chance to do an action comedy.

The Full Throttle adventure was released in April 1995. In 2017, it received an official remaster from Double Fine Productions, founded by Tim Schafer. The improved version was released on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Vita and later also arrived on Xbox One. It brought better graphics, sound and control, and commentary from the developers. It is possible to switch between the original and modernized form.

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