Jan Dulles about the loss of daughter: ‘There is a lot of grief’

“It is very difficult to explain in a short quote”, said Jan, who was interviewed by Typhoon for the Instagram account of the festival De Tuin of 2021 along with the other two members of the 3JS. “Life just goes on and there is a very large container of grief and it is very close all the time. You have to see it a bit.”

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The singer and his girlfriend Caroline receive a lot of support from the people around them. “In between all the sad moments you try to pick things up a bit. We do see a lot of friends and family and then we have nice moments again. But we will never forget what happened.”


Jan hasn’t posted anything on social media in recent weeks, because he doesn’t know what to write. “A short message is too short and a long message, I have no energy for that”, he explains. Because the singer noticed that many people are curious about how he is doing, he decided to do an interview. “I think I’ve gotten hundreds of thousands of messages.”

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