The Game Developers Conference will become a physical fair again in 2022

Gradually, “the world before” is trying again to make a breakthrough in “the world after”, or rather, the world after the virus. So it is with electronics and video game fairs (or whatever), which have become, coerced and forced, mere online conferences during the pandemic. The organizers of the Game Developer Conference (GDC for close friends) still want to believe it and announce that the 2022 edition will be held at Moscone Center of San Francisco from March 21 to 25, 2022.

Will the United States have achieved collective immunity by then? If we stick to the latest data available, the organization of a physical fair on this date is still a gamble on the future. But there, “Hope brings life” as they say, and the big shows (which are also money-making companies) are trying to save their skin, knowing that video game publishers clearly do not need these big heights to accumulate billions of dollars. .

So besides the GDC, ESA is also planning an E3 2022 in Los Angeles, with thousands of visitors if possible. In fine, reality may recall their bad memories, but we can not blame them for wanting to believe it. As a reminder, the GDC 2021 is currently taking placeā€¦ online of course (from July 19 to 23).

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