the advantages of betting with an Android application

“Professional” bettor or beginner, all these little people are connected via mobile devices and bookmakers know this very well. They therefore offer improved versions of their website in the form of mobile applications. Android to provide a better experience for their customers and more opportunities to bet.

There are indeed many more advantages when you place your bets with an Android or iOS application.

Mobile applications allow you to bet at any time

This is certainly the biggest advantage ofuse a sports betting app. With his mobile application installed on his smartphone, the bettor can have access to his bookmaker’s platform at any time of the day and wherever he is.

Whether they are in their car stuck in traffic, traveling, taking a break at work, waiting for the children to come out of sport, punters can indulge their passion and make their bets. In just a few minutes, all you have to do is take out your phone and bet according to predictions and analyzes that they themselves had established earlier.

Thus, there is no longer any need to go to a PMU to bet, or even to walk around with a bulky computer to connect before placing a bet. They therefore never miss an opportunity to bet: it would be a shame to miss an opportunity, especially if the prognosis is correct!
Sports betting applications are more dynamic.

The biggest experts in sports betting will tell you: since the arrival of mobile sports betting applications, the majority of players prefer to use them and are delighted with their efficiency.

These betting applications are also very dynamic. They incorporate more and more impressive features and are regularly updated to improve their quality, add options and improve the user experience. They are ergonomic and therefore easy to use, in addition to being very fast. And you know, when it comes to sports betting, success is often a question of timing.

Via the app, bettors can do all kinds of operations: the same as on the bookmaker’s website, and even more. They can deposit their bets, credit their account and order withdrawals of their winnings to their bank account.

More advanced features with sports betting apps

sports bet

By betting from their betting application, players naturally have all the basic features, but they also have access to advanced options. For example, the possibility of securing your bets with the option of cash-out. This technique allows you to ensure your gains and limit your losses by avoiding turnarounds.

You can then withdraw your winnings before a game you have bet on ends, when the situation is favorable to you. Many bookmakers offer this option on their application, but it must be said that it is a specialty of the application of PMU sports betting.

Among the other features offered by mobile sports betting applications, you have the “live bet” also called live or streaming betting. It’s a new way of betting that bookmakers are making available to players who can now place live bets when the game has already started. They broadcast live video bets and game statistics to help bettors decide on their stake.

The best mobile apps for betting: What are they?

Nowadays, there is not a bookmaker who does not have their mobile betting application. There is a wide variety of sports betting apps out there, but obviously you’re looking for the best one. Here are 3 Android applications that we recommend for your mobile betting.

Unibet Sports Paris

Originally from Sweden, this bookmaker arrived in France in 2006. His strong point? Its varied and very high bonuses. Right now you can enjoy € 100 in free bets! The mobile app is popular and works great on iPad, iPhone and Android. It has all the features currently in vogue, including cash-out and live betting.


Arriving in France only in 2014, this bookmaker quickly conquered the hearts of punters, especially with its very good odds: the highest on the market. As for its mobile application, it integrates basic functionalities and many new features such as cash-out and My Match. Of course, the streaming bet, much appreciated by players, is part of the game.


Ranked among the leaders of the sports betting market in France, the PMU app attracts a lot of punters with its wide range of betting offers available on its platform. It is fluid, fast and bug free. It incorporates all the features that bettors need.

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