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The good pick of the day: an ultra-complete currency converter, free and without in-app purchases

Are you looking for a powerful and free converter that does not then push you to put your hand in your pocket via subscriptions or in-app purchases? Currency converter (App Store link – Free – iPhone/iPad) is a COMPLETELY FREE utility capable of converting more than 260 currencies and cryptocurrencies, with the addition of automatic exchange rate updates.

You can check, no currency is missing

The app also offers the evolution of exchange rates over the period of the last 6 months. Even better, the live text feature lets you directly scan a price with your iPhone’s APN and get it converted right away. It’s hard to get more practical…

As a reminder, this app is completely free, without advertising, in-app purchases or subscriptions, but it is always possible to make a small, completely disinterested donation in order to support the valiant developer who took charge of its creation (and whose name you maybe say something…).

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