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The 4 best Android apps in the Play Store from week 46 – 2020

The Play Store never stops. New apps are popping up all the time, but most of them aren’t worth downloading. Every Sunday, the editorial staff of Android Planet therefore separates the wheat from the chaff. In our opinion, these are the best Android apps, updates, and games from last week.

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Nationale Nederlanden released a digital housekeeping book last week: NOVA. This app helps to create an overview in your wallet. Thanks to the link with your bank, NOVA knows how much money is coming in, where it is going and how much you can still spend without getting into financial problems.

It is very simple. You link NOVA to your payment account, after which the app collects incoming and outgoing transactions. He also immediately puts them in a specific box, such as rent or groceries. You can then see in the app where your money is going. NOVA works with every Dutch current account: you do not have to be a customer of Nationale Nederlanden to use the app.



2. Fruit Ninja 2

Did you already have a smartphone around 2010? There is a good chance that you have spent quite a few hours with Fruit Ninja, one of the first games that fully utilized the possibilities of a smartphone with a touchscreen. If you feel like some nostalgia, we have good news for you, because the makers put part two in the Play Store last week.

Fruit Ninja 2 is not fundamentally different from the first part. You are still working hard to cut fruit as quickly as possible by swiping the screen of your smartphone like crazy. However, the makers have polished the game graphically and added a multiplayer, for example. This way you can compete online against other fruit ninjas from all over the world.

Fruit Ninja 2 - Fun Action Games

Fruit Ninja 2 – Fun Action Games

Halfbrick Studios

3. WhatsApp

The Netherlands’ most popular chat app received a long-awaited feature last week: disappearing messages. As soon as you enable this function, the message you are about to send will automatically disappear from your phones within seven days. From that moment on, the message can no longer be retrieved.

WhatsApp disappearing messages

To use the new feature, open a chat conversation in WhatsApp and then tap the person’s name. Then scroll down and choose ‘Messages with due date’. Then follow the onscreen instructions to make the messages disappear automatically. Of course, always be careful with what you send to each other online: the other person can of course still take screenshots of (spicy) messages.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Inc.

4. Tera: Endless War

Tera is a classic strategy game that is all about defeating the opponent. You do this by guiding your troops across the playing field in a tactical way, which by the way consists of hexagon shapes. In the meantime you have to maintain your own kingdom and make it stronger by taking over enemy cities, for example.

So you actually play the role of a commander in Tera: Endless War. Troops follow your commands blindly, so it is wise to think carefully about attacks. You can also use certain powerful figures, the so-called Heroes of Tera, to win the battle for you. These characters are much stronger than the normal soldiers.

TERA: Endless War

TERA: Endless War


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