Telegram now without using SIM

Telegram now without using SIM

The Telegram chat app can now be used for the first time, without needing a phone number.

Anonymous phone number

Due to the privacy concerns against WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, both from Meta (formerly Facebook), the popularity of alternatives grew. The most popular alternative chat app in the Western world is Telegram. Unfortunately, Telegram, like other chat apps, still requires a valid phone number and SIM card to create an account. Fortunately, that has now changed and you can also create a user account without a telephone number.

This and more is part of Telegram’s latest update. You can’t do without a phone number. You will therefore have to buy an anonymous telephone number, for example on the Fragment platform. In the Netherlands, a good option would be to use a prepaid number. This feature is very useful if you prefer not to be traced to your actual number via Telegram. For example, do you have a prominent position? Then the risk of failure is high.

Autodelete, groups and better emojis

But with the new update of Telegram, other things have been added. For example, the auto delete functionality for all new chats, the function that has been around for some time at competitor Signal.

For the popular Telegram groups there will be more functionalities for topics. For example, these can now be pinned to the top of the group. Also an aggressive anti-spam feature for groups and the ability to generate a temporary QR code so people can add you without a username or phone number. This is very useful when going out, for example.

There will also be some emoji-related improvements, such as iOS emoji search, custom emojis (for paying users), and more interactive emojis.

Space management on Telegram much easier

In addition, managing the storage space has become easier, because you can see how many megabytes it takes up per chat. You can also delete entire categories of media, such as video clips, all at once. Very handy if you want to get rid of your spicy photos quickly. A full overview of the updates can be found on Telegram.

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