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Sweating during your pregnancy: that’s it

A lot changes in your body during your pregnancy. For example, you can suffer from your skin, you may retain moisture or other typical pregnancy ailments may arise.

Some women perspire extra. They mainly suffer from it at night: suddenly they get very hot and they start to sweat. Do you also suffer from this, do not worry, because it is (unfortunately) just part of it. How it comes? Below a number of causes:


Yes, there you have them again. Because your hormones fly in all directions during your pregnancy, the part of your brain that regulates your temperature may get a little confused. Suddenly you get very hot or suddenly very cold. Your body will then automatically sweat, so that your temperature returns to the correct level.

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Do you also have hot flashes? These occur mainly in the first and third trimester. Your face then suddenly becomes very hot and red and you sweat a lot, but after half a minute it subsides again.

Blood flow

Did you know that you produce about one and a half liters of extra blood when you are pregnant? At the same time, your blood vessels also become thinner, so that your body gets better blood circulation. This also applies to your skin and your sweat glands. It is therefore not surprising that you get warm faster.

Low blood sugar

Not all women suffer from this, but it may be that you get a somewhat low blood sugar during your pregnancy. This also makes you sweat more. Moreover, your metabolism goes faster and that can also be a cause.

What can you do about it?

It is annoying, but fortunately excessive sweating does not hurt. In any case, try to sleep in clothing that ‘breathes’ well, such as cotton. Keep it as light as possible if it bothers you a lot. Does it also happen during the day? Then change shirts more often.

After your pregnancy, your hormones have to return to their old levels and that takes some time. So keep in mind that sweating can continue for a while (especially if you are breastfeeding).

Source: Pregnancy Portal

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