Smart watches save lives. This time, the man under whom the ice had fallen

In the past, we could read several stories about how smart watches have helped save lives. Especially Apple Watch, with which there are clearly the most stories. Now smart watch Apple Watch again they save human life by a teacher under whom ice fell on a frozen river.

Smart watches save lives again

A man named William Rogers plunged into a frozen river in Somersworth, New Hampshire, this Sunday. According to the 9to5mac website, a man skated on the Salmon Falls River. After a few minutes, the ice sank beneath him and he was in the water for a few minutes. “I tried to get out of the water as fast as I could, but the ice was still breaking beneath me. No one was around and I couldn’t use my iPhone, which I had on shore. In a few minutes, I felt chilled. Still, I tried to keep a cool head, and then I remembered wearing an Apple Watch. ”

So he quickly dialed the firefighters who were in less than 5 minutes on the spot. Rogers thanked the firefighters as they most likely saved his life. The man was also praised by the head of the fire brigade. Not everyone can stay so calm.

Do you use smart watches?

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