OnePlus is preparing its own smart bracelet

Very interesting phones, headphones or even a jacket and backpacks. This is the current offer of the popular Chinese company OnePlus. During 2021, they should complement existing products other pieces from other categories. It’s been a long time about smart watches, and now information about other wearable electronics has appeared. It seems that OnePlus is going smart bracelet. And quite possibly he could arrive on the market before the announced watch.

The first product from the “wearables” segment will probably not be OnePlus Watch in the end, but OnePlus Band. This is how easy it should be to name a new device. The focus of the bracelet should correspond to the Nord series of phones. It will therefore be designed for less demanding users. It will be very reminiscent of the Xiaomi Mi Band. The smart bracelet from OnePlus should have an AMOLED display, several days of endurance and also very nice price. In India, where it is likely to have a sales premiere, it is said to be selling for three thousand rupees, ie approx. 880 crowns. He should arrive there in the first quarter of this year. Gradually then in other regions.

Do you prefer smart watches or bracelets?

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