Order cheap Covid-19 self-test in these shops

Corona antigen tests were recently approved for retail sale. The rush for the corona self-tests has begun and stocks are already sold out in many places. We’ll tell you where you can get Covid-19 rapid test cheaply and which shops guarantee fast delivery.

Initially, Aldi and Lidl began selling Corona rapid tests. The shipping giant Amazon is still waiting for a while, there aren’t any here yet Covid-19 self-tests ready to buy.

Many other online shops and online pharmacies will soon follow suit or have already started selling, we are now listing all online retailers and providers of the coveted Corona rapid test for you.

Corona rapid test at online pharmacies: Covid-19 self-tests now available

The online pharmacy Meddax24 offers the following corona self-test:

Aponeo offers the following rapid corona tests in its online shop:

Pharmeo offers you the same offer as Aponeo:

Corona self-tests in supermarkets and online shops: Available now

Aldi (North & South) sells Corona rapid tests directly in the branches of the discounter, in many places the stocks were already out of stock on Saturday. Aldi sells the rapid test from Aesku, the cost of one 5 pack amount to 25 euros.

Lidl has been offering a quick test in the online shop since March 6th. You can only pre-order the corona antigen tests, Lidl does not give an exact delivery time.

Even cheaper notebooks, electronics stores for PCs, laptops and hardware of all kinds, offer a rapid corona test. The self-test can now be pre-ordered, NBB does not give an exact delivery time.

Notebook cheaper even has FFP2 masks of the company Amec on offer, the masks are still reduced until March 14th, 21st. The 50-piece pack now costs 39.92 euros (instead of 49.99 euros, so you save 10.07 euros). You can read here where else you can buy cheap FFP2 masks.

The grocery retailer Rewe and Kaufland will be available from 03/15/21 also offer Corona-Schnellest.

Corona rapid tests in drugstores

The drugstore Rossmann already had a quick test on 10.03.21, but it was sold out in a very short time. However, Rossmann cannot yet say when stocks will be replenished or when sales in the branches will start.

The competitor DM wants to start selling corona rapid tests on 03/12/21, both in Online shop as well as in the branches of the drugstore chain. The management wants to limit the sale, the tests are sold piece by piece, a maximum of 5 quick tests can be bought per customer.

The corona antigen self-test: application and benefits

The so-called “SARS-CoV-2 antigen nasal self-tests” are approved for personal use at home and are carried out with the help of a nasal swab. The advantage of the corona self-test is its speed, you will have a result after 15-20 minutes. We have also uploaded a video with detailed operating instructions from “Zeit-Online” for you, here the handling is explained again in detail.

The federal government has allowed the sale of corona rapid tests in retail, because a third wave can be dampened, or the individual can reduce the risk for himself and other people. You still have to comply with the corona regulations in your respective federal state and pay attention to distance rules and wear masks, this is the only way to stop the pandemic.

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