Scammers are targeting your account

Scammers are targeting your account

Consumer advocates are again warning of a phishing scam in connection with Disney+. Users are tricked into believing that their subscription has expired. They should update their payment information to regain access. Otherwise a fee is said to be due. None of this is true.

Disney+: New phishing scam surfaced

are again Disney+ subscribers targeted by scammers, as the Federal Association of Consumer Organizations warns in a recent statement. Again, it is about account information that is to be tapped by the streaming provider’s customers. If subscribers receive such an email, they should under no circumstances click on any links or reveal their information.

It says specifically in the new phishing emailthat the subscription has “expired”. You are asked to “update” the payment information because of this. If customers do not comply with the request, their Disney+ account would be canceled within three days. A fee of 8.99 euros will also be due. Further down the e-mail says that maybe up to 49.99 euros would have to be paid.

There is a link in the e-mail labeled “connect”. Recipients should not click on either these links or any links that may be hidden. Instead, as always, such emails are recommended ignore them or mark them as spam right away (Source: Federation of Consumers).

What Disney+ offers:

Disney+: New phishing email well done

At first glance, the e-mail gives the impression that it could actually come from the streaming provider. The layout fits and the scammers have also thought of the right logo. There aren’t any serious spelling or grammatical errors either, only the link labeling seems out of place. When in doubt, users should always contact the operator himself and ask if the email came from him.

The fact that a streaming subscription is simply terminated without your intervention should make you suspicious anyway. As a rule, the following applies to Disney +: The subscription continues until you cancel the contract.

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