Samsung is developing smartphone technology that would change everything

Modern smartphones are becoming more and more sophisticated. However, this also creates problems that are reflected in the design of the cell phones. Samsung wants to solve this with a new technology. This would open up new opportunities – also for other manufacturers.

Samsung declares war on the “camera hump”

Anyone who buys a modern Android smartphone with a good camera knows that. A look at the back of the cell phone usually reveals a huge camera hump. While this is still manageable with the current Galaxy S21, it breaks all limits with the Galaxy S21 Ultra (for testing). A good camera needs a lot of space and somehow the technology has to fit into the housing. Samsung does not want to accept this just like that and is developing a solution so that Camera humps disappear (Source: PetaPixel).

Samsung is therefore working on a way to use the lenses and mechanics of a normal camera Metal lenses with a special nano-coating that direct the light to the sensor. Thanks to a special design, it should be possible for the light to fall on the sensor like a normal lens, but it should take up a lot less space. The big advantage is that the metal lens is immobile, but can still focus. This means that powerful camera sensors could be built into smartphones, but they do not take up so much space.

In this Video you can take a closer look at the camera humps of the Galaxy S21 smartphones from Samsung:

When does Samsung want to use the new metal lenses in smartphones?

It is currently not known when Samsung will launch the first smartphone with the new metal lens. It is clear, however, that Samsung does not want to just keep the new technology to itself. According to the latest information, wants Samsung also enable other manufacturersto buy the metal lenses and install them in their own smartphones. This would benefit the entire industry.

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