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Samsung and Epic Games offer “Free Fortnite” packs against Apple

In view of a trial which will take place in 2021 Epic Games is stepping up the communication blows against Apple. With Samsung, the publisher offers “Free Fortnite” packs to influencers.

The crux of the conflict between Apple and Epic Games lies in the tax system imposed on the App Store. To do this, the publisher has proposed an alternative payment system, in order to bypass this tax by 30%, allowing players to make purchases within Fortnite at a lower cost. The consequence is that the game has purely been removed from the platform. While a trial is scheduled for 2021, Epic Games and Samsung are sending “Free Fortnite” packs to influencers, notably with logos parodying Apple.

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Epic Game launches “Free Fortnite” to attack Apple but also Google

If the first court decisions seem to prove Apple right, Epic Games is not sitting idly by. Associated with Samsung, the publisher sent packs intended for influencers. With the mention “Free Fortnite” they have at their disposal a Galaxy Tab S7 tablet, but also a jacket with the hash word and the llama symbol in multi colors. This is part of the logic of playing Fortnite game users against Apple so that they hold the company responsible for the removal of the title.

If Epic Games has tackled the abuse of dominance of the App Store, Google Play is also in the sights. This is because the Android app store does not contain Fortnite for the same reasons. Only Samsung, which is in partnership on the “Free Fortnite” operation has the right to play on its store. The title was even voted “Samsung Galaxy Store Game of the Year 2020”. Thus personalities like Greg Miller and his 1.2 million subscribers were targeted, a good strategy to reach a large audience.

Samsung and Epic Games offer “Free Fortnite” packs against Apple

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