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Xiaomi is preparing three folding smartphones with a flexible display

Folding smartphones with flexible displays certainly have a future, but so far they have been introduced by only three larger manufacturers – Samsung, Huawei and Motorola. According to the portal, they should be according to the portal GizmoChina could follow next year as well Xiaomi even with three different design models.

Google is also preparing a folding smartphone, but Xiaomi is closest to the show

At the beginning of the month, analyst Ross Young confirmed that the Chinese companies OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi are also preparing their folding smartphones with flexible displays in 2021. According to its sources, this type of device should also be prepared by the American company Google, which is behind the Android system. However, the first to be introduced to the folding smartphone next year should be the popular Xiaomi brand. A year ago, she demonstrated a prototype of such a device on video.

Xiaomi will present up to three types of folding smartphones

The latest Ross Young on your twitter account informsthat next year, Xiaomi should introduce a total of three folding smartphones. Each with a different design and opening mechanism. The first should be a folding smartphone with an external flexible display. A similar mechanism is used by the Huawei Mate Xs smartphone. In the case of Xiaomi, however, the display should be bent on both sides, as did the year-old prototype Xiaomi. This solution is often criticized because the external display is exposed to a greater risk of damage.

Another type should be a folding smartphone with an internal flexible display. This would be a similar solution to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. This means that in the folded state, the flexible display would be protected inside the device and the owner would use an external classic display. The last third type of device should be a folding lid modeled on the Motorola Razr or Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G. Such devices attract the customer more to the design, because the flexible display does not serve to maximize its size. At least not in relation to the displays of classic smartphones.

The plans were also confirmed by XDA and the manufacturer’s patents

The introduction of the Xiaomi folding smartphone with a flexible display was already confirmed by the community in October XDA Developers. In the beta version of Xiaomi’s MIUI 12, it revealed a mention of a folding device codenamed Cetus. It should be equipped with a Snapdragon chipset from Qualcomm and a 108-megapixel camera. Another indication is the patents for folding smartphones of various types, which Xiaomi registered this year. We should learn more at the beginning of next year.

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