Saint Laurent Super73 is a statement on wheels

It is difficult to fit through the chimney, but the Saint Laurent Super73 is a very cool gift for Sinterklaas.

If the agreement is to select gifts of a maximum of 50 euros, then you have a problem. The Saint Laurent Super73 is not 50 euros, not 100 euros and not 1,000 euros. The exclusive bike will cost you several thousand euros.

Over the past period, Super73 has been busy with collaborations. You are almost even more original with a regular electric bicycle. Because every week we hear about some kind of partnership between the company and another brand. With today a collaboration between fashion brand Saint Laurent and Super73.

Saint Laurent Super73 is a statement on wheels

There are a number of things unique about this electric bicycle. The entire frame is finished in matte black. That gives a nice sinister and tough impression. The Saint Laurent logo can also be found in various places. The specifications of the electric bicycle are no different compared to a regular one. That means an electric range of approximately 64 kilometers.

Saint Laurent Super73 is a statement on wheels

More information about this bike can be found on the Saint Laurent website, the Super73 can be found there for $ 6,500. Unfortunately for us, the electric two-wheeler cannot be found at the two Dutch branches of the fashion brand in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. So import it, if you really want to score one.

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