Be careful, don’t buy from this e-shop if you don’t want to lose money

Another snare awaits Slovaks on the Internet. The e-shop with children’s needs has dozens of dissatisfied customers who do not have goods purchased at home even a few weeks after creating and paying for an order.

The deceived clients shared their negative experiences on the official Facebook page of the store, on the Blue Horse forum and in reviews on Google Maps. In most cases, it was the same story, the customer made an order for several tens to hundreds of euros, paid in advance by transfer to the account, but the goods never came to him.


At the same time, the attempt to contact the store either by phone, e-mail or via Facebook is futile. The owner of the e-shop also owns a stone shop in Žiar nad Hronom, which, according to the latest responses, has been closed for several weeks. In the sea of ​​negative reviews, there were also a few that had a happy ending. The clients managed to contact the e-shop and their money was returned.

The e-shop used to work without problems

Customer experience from two to three years ago suggests that the business once worked smoothly. Problems with non-delivery of goods, possible difficulties with complaints appeared only in recent months. Whether or not the store owner really wanted to rob people remains questionable. In any case, be careful on the e-shop and do not order anything from it. The incident is already being investigated by the Slovak Trade Inspection Authority on the basis of several complaints.

To avoid the problems that deceived clients now have to deal with in the future, give priority to cash on delivery. Especially if you are ordering from the given store for the first time. It is also a good idea to check reviews before creating an order.

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