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Pregnant Eva Jinek done with interference: ‘Absurd’

Eva Jinek (44) is completely done with the interference of others with her pregnancy. She bites off in her newsletter.

Last month, Eva Jinek announced her second pregnancy. The presenter then wrote how much she liked that son Pax (4.5) will soon have a brother or sister to grow up with. It rained congratulations, but there was also criticism. Historian and presenter Maarten van Rossem, for example, thought the age difference was ‘too big’ between the children. The presenter should have been ‘faster’, he said in his podcast. He later apologized for that.


Yet the presenter is now biting herself off in her newsletter. “It is absurd that a couple boomers meddling without any knowledge of what is happening in my womb, and why.” Without mentioning Van Rossem by name, we all know which one boomer she means.

At first she wanted to go into more detail, but her gynecologist prevented her from doing so. There are more important things in life. “The moment she says that, it feels like I’m taking off a musty, old coat. As if someone has come to me to say: come, let me hang it up for you! And suddenly that whole musty coat is gone, and I feel five kilos lighter. I have other things to do. Sat other things.”

Earlier she wrote candidly about all the ailments that come with this second pregnancy.

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