combines news, podcasts with music

Spotify has announced a new feature. The music service already does much more than music, and that is now being expanded. With the Your Daily function, music is combined with talk.

Your Daily

Spotify announces the ‘Your Daily’ feature. With this option, users are offered a combination of music, talk shows and news. According to the Swedish music service, it is a personalized playlist that is updated throughout the day with relevant and acute news updates. Podcast episodes are also included in this overview.

To make everything possible, Spotify collaborates with various Dutch news media and podcast makers; such as, NRC, Dag & Nacht Media, NPO, Tonny Media and De Stroom. Spotify says the following about the new Your Daily feature;

It is a combination of music, news updates and other current, relevant audio. The content of your personal Your Daily playlist is updated throughout the day, when, for example, news updates or new podcast episodes appear. Also, based on the music taste of users, Spotify adds songs to the Your Daily playlist to let them discover new music.”

Spotify is rolling out the feature from now on. It is available on the home screen of the Spotify app.

Spotify - Music & Podcasts
Spotify - Music & Podcasts

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