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Anyone who uses many tabs in Google Chrome at the same time knows the problem: With the small icons, a tab that is still needed can easily be closed by accident. But Google is addressing the problem.

Chrome gets quick tab restoration via cache

Google is apparently working on a fast one Restore function for closed tabs in the Chrome browser. The aim is to eliminate an annoying problem that disturbs many users in their daily work. Accidentally closed tabs can be restored much faster, with practically no time delay. However, a quick reaction is probably also required from us users.

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In a publicly accessible developer forum, three code variants have emerged which show the work on such a quick charge function for Chrome tabs (source: Android Police). Accordingly, one relies on the development Similar system as for switching back and forth between pages called up one after the other in a tab – the restoration should then work just as quickly.

If you then accidentally close a tab, you have 15 seconds to restore it completely without wasting time for reloading the page. The matching keyboard shortcut has been around for a long time: Ctrl + Shift + T on Windows, Cmd + Shift + T on the Mac.

You don’t just need a slim and fast browser to work efficiently. in the Video you can see what the Office suite Microsoft 365 brings for functions:

Google makes it easier for users to work in Chrome

What is the difference to the current functionality? So far, pages that have been closed are completely reloaded when restoring. Depending on the website, not only time can be lost that can be better used differently. Entries in text windows and the like are also gone with a reload. With the new time window, you have a certain waiting period to correct your own error without serious consequences.

Since Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers worldwide, this change will benefit many users, whether privately or professionally. According to Android Central, everything so far points to a “work in progress” solution. It may take a while for this useful feature to be implemented in Chrome’s release channel Start date is unknown.

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