Elon Musk’s Biggest Tesla Blunders Ever!

Not everything Elon Musk does works. We’ve listed Musk’s three biggest Tesla blunders.

Musk is a well-known person and is therefore constantly in the spotlight. Everything he does is magnified. As an entrepreneur he dares to take risks and not everything works out well. For example, he was in court last week to defend his role in Tesla’s 2016 acquisition of failing solar panel installer SolarCity. That questionable decision — SolarCity was founded by his cousins, Musk was the largest shareholder and served on the boards of both companies. – led to a shareholder lawsuit. Not really useful!

Biggest Tesla blunders ever by Musk

Turns out, not everything goes smoothly. Below are a few more missteps by the well-known entrepreneur.

1. The cheap Tesla. Which didn’t come cheap

Model 3 would change the automotive world. The first electric car that was also affordable for almost everyone. The $35,000 price tag has been touted as the Model 3’s main draw for years. And well, that price has not been met. After taxes, registrations and (necessary) options, another quarter of the price is easily added.

2. Tesla roadster

It’s a shame that the roadster is in Musk’s list of Tesla blunders. It is indeed a beautiful thing. The car was unveiled in 2017 along with the Semi (truck). In 2020, the super-fast roadster would come and many people are waiting for it. The car would be the fastest production car ever and could drive many miles on the batteries before needing to be recharged.

The car is still not here…

3. Autonomous Driving

Musk’s dream: to make cars drive autonomously. But it turns out to be more difficult than expected. In 2016 he announced this with great fanfare, Teslas would be built with the necessary sensors, cameras and computers that make this possible. He then said that the cars will be fully self-driving within two to three years. That did not work. In fact, there are many problems. There have even been fatal accidents involving Teslas that (partially) drove themselves.

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