Powerful plan of the Chinese company revealed

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Huawei is going to part ways with Android and has come up with a grand plan on how to retain the competition. The Chinese company would gain massively as a result, but the competition also has greater security.


Huawei opens HarmonyOS to all Chinese manufacturers

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei had to develop its own operating system due to the US ban and the encapsulation of Android with HarmonyOS. This should really take off this year and replace Android. The first new smartphones with the new operating system, such as the Huawei P50 Pro, could soon be launched. But Huawei doesn’t just want to keep HarmonyOS to itself. The Chinese company creates a rescue package for other Chinese companies. Should the Google Mobile Services for Chinese manufacturers be banned, the companies can use HarmonyOS and Huawei Mobile Services – the boss confirmed.

Chinese companies such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and many more rely entirely on Android and have no alternative to the Google operating system. But if the worst case should occur and a ban on cooperation between Google and the Chinese companies were to be issued, they could now fall back on Huawei’s lifeline and would not be completely settled.

What to expect in 2021:

Huawei would benefit greatly from this

Should Chinese companies like Huawei be cut off from Android, Xiaomi would gain massive influence. Xiaomi is now the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and Realme together even come in second place. If you then add the Huawei cell phones, the company would become more powerful than Google and control over 50 percent of the cell phone market. Then the developers would surely follow suit and provide apps and games in the AppGallery. It is very unlikely that this will happen. Huawei was excluded because of political motives. The other Chinese manufacturers only build cell phones.

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