Install a smart alarm yourself with Ajax (review)

How high is the threshold for making your home safe? We investigated it based on a smart alarm from Ajax in a review.

Securing your home. Maybe you don’t think about that at all. “You can’t get anything from me,” you might think. You may have that thought, but most burglars are not friends of yours. For example, they can choose your house because of an attractive location and so you still have burglars on the floor. Whether they bring something or not.

Burglars are not exactly gentle with your personal belongings. Even if you have little value in your home, it can still be a traumatic experience when you get home. Or worse: when you are still in bed. Investing in an expensive alarm system can be a high threshold. That is why we set to work in practice with this Ajax smart wireless security system review. The financial threshold is low and you can make it as expensive as you want.

Ajax (not the football club or the cleaning agent) Security is a security company that has a range of products. Via the webshop you can choose a number of products that you think you need. There is one central hub to which you then connect the devices. In addition, they also have a complete starter package, if you have any doubts about the products. Once paired, you can operate the devices via an app.

For this review of the smart wireless alarm system from Ajax, we tested several products. It is a decent package, but the test shows that you certainly do not necessarily need everything. My advice for a single family house or apartment is the Motion Camera or MotionPotect, a siren, a Door Detector and of course the HUB to control the devices. You are then ready for less than 400 euros and can secure the most important areas (where burglars enter). The siren scares them off and gives a notification on your smartphone anyway. This way you can alert the authorities in time.

That’s how the products work

I myself installed a Motion Camera, a Door Detector, Keypad, Keyfob and two sirens for the review of Ajax’s alarm system. All these things work on an independent battery that will last for years, according to the company. That’s because, of course, they are not active if the alarm is not on. Moreover, you do not have to lay cables, the connection is wireless via WiFi. Ultimately, you don’t really need the Keypad and Keyfob. You can easily switch the alarm system off and on via the app using a personal code.

Install a smart alarm yourself with Ajax (review)

You can view the status of all connected devices separately via the app. For example, how the connection is and what about the battery life. You can also test them separately. Be careful with testing the siren, it really makes a noise, I discovered during the Ajax smart alarm review.

Install a smart alarm yourself with Ajax (review)

The Motion Camera not only warns, but also really helps to capture the intruder on image. As soon as movement is detected, the camera takes separate photos of each other. These are sent directly to your phone so you can see what’s going on. The quality of the picture is average. Only when a person is close and really looks into the camera is your photo sharp. If the intruder runs through your house, it is whistling for a good photo. You don’t have to worry about pets triggering the Motion Camera. The camera is smart enough to distinguish between humans and animals. A cat or dog walking through the image will not trigger the camera when the alarm is on.

Ajax smart alarm review

The Door Detector, which you can also place near an open window, records when an opening has occurred. This product consists of two parts that you place near the door or window opening. These products are connected with each other by means of a magnet. If the window or door opens, the Door Detector loses its magnetic connection and the alarm goes off. Again, you will receive a notification from your smartphone. The app indicates exactly which part is detecting movement. This way you know in which room there is an intruder.

Ajax smart alarm review

Placing, installing and connecting the devices with the hub was really easy. Even if you aren’t tech savvy, it’s a piece of cake. You can compare it with setting up an internet modem. Actually even easier, because the app helps you step by step.

Now I am an ordinary consumer. If you want to take it bigger or if you are a business user, you can link products to a central security system. The brand’s equipment falls into Grade 2 (Grade 1 to 4) when it comes to security systems. This means that the products can withstand experienced attackers with special equipment.


For this review of an Ajax smart alarm, I wanted to find out whether the threshold is high to secure your home. I have found that it is quite the opposite. Installation and use is simple. Moreover, it gives you peace of mind when you leave home and activate the alarm via the app. That way you know one hundred percent that there is no stranger in your house when you are not there.

Ajax emphasizes that an installation must be done professionally to prevent false alarms. The company further recommends purchasing the products from authorized dealers for warranty and technical assistance.

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