Patricia is annoyed by daughter’s hockey coach: ‘Should I give the best man a biology lesson?’

“Come on guys!” the hockey coach yells at eleven girls in the field. He is quite fanatical (this topic needs its own column – credit me) and constantly yells to a field full of girls ‘Come on guys!’

caught off guard

It’s a quarter past eight (!) on Saturday morning and I’m really annoyed. During halftime I decide to give the best man a biology lesson. But before executing my plan, I discuss it with a mother standing next to me with her hands clasped over a cup of tea. ‘Oh, they don’t hear that at all, do they?’ Overwhelmed by her adamant ‘there’s-really-nothing-is-there-and-you-just-make-it-worse-response’, I decide to keep my comment to myself.

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School trip

A week later I volunteered to go on a school trip. I know there are parents who love to observe their child in their natural habitat, but I did see it after five minutes. However, my karma points are a bit low, so I sign up anyway: on to a museum with 27 children.

“Watch out guys!”

‘Don’t guys!’

‘Come on guys, just listen to that gentleman!’

“Hey guys, don’t do that!”

My toes curl more crooked than crooked in my Nikes and this time I decide to say something about it. So I roar after it: ‘And girls!’

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Long way to go

My eyes meet the teacher’s and she moves towards me. ‘Shit, he’s going to lecture me completely now’, I think. After all, it’s her job. “You’re absolutely right,” she says to my great surprise and relief. I give her my nicest smile and I’m glad I said it.

We continue our tour and a group of girls stays behind. “Hey come on guys, just keep walking,” she says, barely 35 seconds after our conversation. I look at her and she smiles at me. I wait. No correction, nothing. She doesn’t mind it at all.

Boy, young boy, I guess. We still have a long way to go…

Patricia van Liemt is a radio host, writer and mother of 2 lab babies Maria (11) and Phaedra (8). She worked at Qmusic and 100% NL, among others. You can now hear her successful podcast series Let’s Talk About Sex(e) on GoodLIFE Radio. Her husband lives in Switzerland during the week, when she tries to combine kids, work and girls nights. In her debut novel ‘De Lab Baby’ she talks about her personal experiences with IVF.

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