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Pathologic 2 – kickstarter Model

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Pathologic 2 went through Kickstarterem and originally had a long way to go. But Ice-Pick Lodge developers hit another hitch, so the decision had to be made in the original form. The game eventually gets episodic, split into three parts. The first to take on the role of Artema “Haruspex” Burakha should come out sometime between early April and the end of June.

Two episodes will follow (Bachelor Changeling), which, however, do not yet have the release date. The first episode will be released on PC first, later on on GameBet on Xbox.

Pathologic 2 on steampowered

Developers on their site assure contributors from Kickstarter that of course, all three episodes will automatically be released immediately after the release, without any additional fees, surcharges, or anything else. But the creators are still unsure how exactly they will release the second and third episodes – whether it will be in the form of DLC, separate games or otherwise.

Ice-Pick Lodge on the Web highlights feedback from players who could try the alpha version Pathologic 2 and remind them that they do not want to make the first episode, and then make the second peace. Based on a careful watch, players want to edit the second and then the third episode. As a result, the development of the remaining two thirds of the game can theoretically stretch out unplanned.

Nikolay Dybowski from Ice-Pick Lodge explains that the delay or the incompetence of the developers is not worth the delay or the splitting of the game into three parts. One of the main reasons for this was the economic crisis in Russia, which did not result in the financing of the game. The Kickstarter itself, where they managed to pick $ 333,000, is far from enough to project this range.

Pathologic 2 actually copies one of the frequent kickstart models – developers have big eyes and have not kept their original promises and visions. The game swallowed them in their hands, in this case in such a way that there was not enough delay and the game had to be ripped off. A similar fate was also the Double Fine Adventure (Broken Age) that kicked off all the game kickstart manners.

The positive thing is, however, that we will not have to wait long. We will get one third of the game in the first half of next year, with the remaining two episodes being potentially even better and more debunked on the basis of the data and feedbacku from the first episode.

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