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The prestigious Turner Prize given to a short film made on the iPhone

The prestigious Turner Prize 2018 (Turner Prize) this year is the film of a young director, Charlotte Prodger but also … l ‘iPhone which was used for the entire shoot. The very particular use of the iPhone has also had its importance for the members of the jury, the latter believing that the short film Bridgit is even “ the deepest use of a device as prosaic as the camera of the iPhone that we have seen in the field of art to date “. All the same …

Charlotte Prodger won the $ 25,000 Turner Prize 2018 for her short film Bridgit. This very arty short film explores in an original way Queers themes (gender identity, female sexuality, taboos, etc …)

Tim Cook was of course delighted with this award while recalling that was the very first time that a creation realized with the iPhone left with a price so prestigious; on the other hand, it is worth noting that this is not the first time that a movie is entirely shot with an iPhone, like the excellent Paranoïa by Steven Soderbergh.

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