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our iPhone review updates for 2021

For the past few weeks we have been on iPhoned all older iPhones retested. Did you miss our review updates? No problem, we list them for you in this round-up.

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Review update round-up: check all articles here

Every year in December we come up with review updates, in which we again test older iPhones and tell whether they are still worthwhile. With the iPhone 12 phones, many new devices have appeared this year, but that does not mean that older devices are no longer interesting.

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In recent weeks, we have therefore included all older iPhones that run on iOS 14. From the iPhone SE from 2016 to the iPhone 11, which was released last year: in the review updates you can read whether you still need to get it. Below we list the conclusions of the review updates, with links to the full articles. Enjoy reading!

iPhone 11 Pro review update

Do you find photography with your iPhone important and do you value the new design and MagSafe less? Then the iPhone 11 Pro in 2021 is an excellent and more affordable choice than the iPhone 12 Pro. Even a year later, this iPhone is still very much on the price, so unless you have no qualms about spending more than nine hundred euros on a smartphone, you will undoubtedly be very satisfied with everything the 11 Pro has to offer.

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iPhone 11 review update

The question is mainly how long you want to use the device. The iPhone 12 is clearly a device that is ready for the future. You can use the new MagSafe accessories, which Apple will undoubtedly continue to respond to in the coming years. And you have the new design, which will probably also be used in the coming generations. 5G is also an important addition.

Do you think those things are not that important, or do you only want a new device for the coming year without paying the main price? Then the iPhone 11 is still an excellent smartphone in 2021.

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iPhone XR review update

The iPhone XR is an excellent entry-level Apple phone in 2021. The device is still fast, looks reasonably modern and will receive iOS updates for years to come. The biggest concession is the camera: the iPhone XR has only one lens on the back, while its newer brothers have two. The lack of MagSafe and 5G is also a shame. All in all, the iPhone XR is a solid purchase, but not the most future-proof.

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iPhone XS (Max) review update

If you already have an iPhone XS (Max) or you can buy one cheaply (second-hand or refurbished), then you get a good smartphone that you can use for years to come. If you are now looking for a new device, we no longer recommend the iPhone XS (Max). For a price tag of more than 700 euros, you would do well to choose a newer iPhone.

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iPhone X review update

The iPhone X will still look like a modern smartphone in 2021, but appearances can be deceiving. This is a phone from 2017 in a hip jacket, and you will now slowly but surely notice the consequences. We expect the iPhone X to still perform fine in 2021 and 2022 and be more than adequate for most people.

Support for new updates will likely stop in two years, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to get an X now. Apart from that, the iPhone X is still a nice device for daily use, with good performance and a camera that does what you want, as long as you don’t expect too much from it.

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iPhone 8 review update

In 2021, the iPhone 8 is a solid Apple entry-level device. If you are not necessarily looking for the latest of the latest and want to check whether the iPhone is for you, the iPhone 8 is a relatively affordable purchase. Time is slowly starting to run out, because it is almost certain that software support will end in 2022.

Do you want to use your phone for longer than one or two years? Then you better go for the iPhone SE. It is faster and better in everything than the iPhone 8, but it has the same design. The device also has Touch ID, the trusted fingerprint scanner that is cherished by some Apple fans.

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iPhone 7 review update

The iPhone 7 will be on its last legs in 2021. The device is still fast enough for daily use, but will not be supported by Apple for much longer. The battery life is also limited compared to modern phones.

The main reason to discourage the iPhone 7, however, is its younger brother. If you are looking for a small and relatively cheap smartphone, you better look at the iPhone SE. It is a few tens more expensive, but it will also last much longer. This makes the SE not only a better, but ultimately also cheaper choice. After all, you don’t have to replace it as quickly.

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iPhone 7 in 2021

iPhone 6S review update

Cheap is probably expensive. The iPhone 6S can still keep up reasonably well in 2021, but it has a hard time on certain aspects. Demanding apps and graphically demanding games, for example, pass you by, or work very slowly. It is also annoying that the device heats up quickly and you can almost be sure that it will no longer receive new software updates.

It is therefore very difficult to recommend the iPhone 6S. Only when you use the device for some social media apps, you don’t care about software support or just want to get acquainted with the iPhone very affordably, the 6S may be justifiable. However, most people would be wise to save for a slightly more recent model.

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iPhone SE review update

Although the size and design of the iPhone SE still appeal to us, the device is now really caught up on all fronts. Some apps and games no longer work properly, the device heats up quickly and we assume that iOS 14 is the last update for this device. If you buy an iPhone SE in 2021, then it is not a future-proof purchase and in our opinion it is better to save for a newer device.

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