Is Apple going to throw Facebook out of the App Store?

Apple surprises in iOS 14.4 beta with surprise that enrages Facebook.

Apple has a significant influence on developers with the App Store. After she previously handed out a Christmas present, she is now chasing them in the curtains again. Facebook, in particular, is furious and even risks being banned from the App Store.

Facebook furious about App Store feature in iOS 14.4 beta

Apple previously announced that users would be given the choice per app whether developers could follow the actions of users in their app. This option was supposed to appear in iOS 14 but was postponed. Apple wanted to give developers the time to adapt their apps to the new functionality.

Facebook is targeting Apple App Store

However, Facebook was not planning any adjustments, opting to launch the attack on Apple. In full-page ads in major US newspapers, Facebook accused Apple of restricting its customers from free internet access. Apple responded last Wednesday with a firm and clear response. Facebook needs to tweak the app in the App Store so that users have a choice. So there is no change. Apparently Apple sees the discussion as closed, because now the option option appears in iOS 14.4 beta.

Is Apple going to ban Facebook from the iPhone?

For the time being, Facebook has not yet responded. So the question is whether the tech giant wants to meet Apple’s requirements. If Facebook refuses, a ban from the App Store seems like a viable option. Apple has previously shown that it is not afraid to ban popular apps when it confronted Epic Games. The fact that the first results work in Apple’s favor will strengthen their conviction. It is therefore expected that Facebook will grumbly choose eggs for its money. Undoubtedly to be continued.


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