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OnePlus 9: new leaks confirm its design as well as the Snapdragon 888

The next line of Chinese branded phones is expected to arrive in the coming weeks. The OnePlus 9 sees its technical sheet leak in social networks before its release.

In recent days, leaks on various social networks have multiplied about the future range of OnePlus phones. While the Pro version is entitled to several rumors, its standard version is also starting to come out of the woods. The PhoneArena website would have had in its hands the final rendering of OnePlus 9. This would confirm the final design of the phone but also with some elements of the technical sheet.

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What elements of the OnePlus 9 are revealed by these rumors?

The first information revealed by the website concerns the design of the future Chinese telephone. The OnePlus 9 would therefore be entitled to a punched screen surrounded by very thin borders all around. Nothing very revolutionary compared to the latest models of smartphones that were marketed in 2020. It is especially at the rear that a clear difference is made. Indeed, the block dedicated to photography is a little more massive despite an integrated dual back sensor system. A more than consequent change compared to the OnePlus 8 presented last year.

The technical sheet is also revealed a little more with the latest generation Snapdragon 888 processor as its figurehead. This also makes it possible to confirm the status of 5G smartphone, but that’s not all. The touchscreen interface also has the right to nice additions since it should be able to display content in Full HD. The panel, with a size of 6.55 inches would be able to be refreshed to 120 Hz. A final word also in terms of the proposed configuration. The OnePlus 9 should be accompanied by 128 GB of internal memory but also 8 GB of RAM memory.

Source: PhoneArena

OnePlus 9: new leaks confirm its design as well as the Snapdragon 888

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