now in your own home

Google has recently expanded the AR options considerably. Users can now accommodate different animals from Australia in their own homes. For example, think of the koala or kangaroo.

Australian animals in the house

Various (pets) animals, insects, dinosaurs and buildings are already available in Google’s AR technology. The function was launched for the first time in April and has now been expanded much further. Now we can get acquainted with the Australian animals, which you can view directly in your own room.

Most of the animals that live wild in Australia are not found in many other places (except the zoo). With the ‘Aussie AR animals’, Google gives you the option to simply bring them to your own home and view them in your living room or bedroom, for example. From now on you can use the AR technique for the koala, kangaroo, quokka, emu, platypus, wombat, kookaburra and the echidna.

To bring the new animals to life, simply enter the name of the animal in the search engine. You will then see a box with information about the beast, along with a button for ‘display in 3D’. This allows you to view them in your own home. Your phone does need support for Augmented Reality (AR) for this.

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