Among Us has been making waves in the past few months, and although the game was originally developed as a mobile game, it has become hugely popular across multiple platforms. As part of today’s Nintendo Indie Direct, Among Us was surprisingly announced for another platform.

Among Us

Among Us: What is it actually?

Among Us is a multiplayer game that can be played by up to 10 people. While the crewmates must try to get the spaceship they are on to work again, Impostor try to prevent them from doing so by sabotaging the ship or wiping out one crewmate at a time. The crewmates win if they have either completed all tasks or if all impostors have been thrown from the ship by majority vote after the meetings.

Despite the simple concept, the game is very popular with PC and smartphone users, and from today you can also first time console player plunge into pleasure.

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Among us Coloring Book: IT Contain's Real Game Screenshots and Fanarts To Make It More interesting

Among us Coloring Book: IT Contain’s Real Game Screenshots and Fanarts To Make It More interesting

Among Us: Surprising announcement for the Switch

As part of the “Nintendo Indie Direct” stream, Nintendo revealed information about upcoming indie games, but at the end of the day had a big surprise ready. It was announced that Among Us from now on is also available for the Nintendo Switch – including the official “Nintendo eShop“Page has already been created.

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