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more focus on repairs, more obligations for manufacturers

A motion has been passed by the European Parliament to make electronic devices easier to repair and thus to keep them alive longer. Things may also change around security updates.

Repair more and more easily

The European Parliament wants to work on a longer lifespan for electronic devices. To this end, it has adopted a resolution, on which the European Commission must then agree.

Politicians want manufacturers to provide more clarity about the lifespan of a device. This includes smartphones, for example, but also laptops, e-readers and similar products. Manufacturers should also roll out security updates throughout their estimated lifetime.

An important point in the resolution is that products are easier to repair. Independent repairers should always have access to information and parts needed for this. It would also be a plan to make warranty periods longer than they are now. Furthermore, the parliamentarians want more attention to be paid to sustainability, the reuse of appliances and the stimulation of the purchase of second-hand electronics.

As mentioned, the European Commission has yet to agree to the proposals. However, it has also been focusing on repairing products for a long time, Tweakers writes. We now have to wait and see how it will work out in practice.

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