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‘I didn’t look for two seconds, and suddenly I lost my child’

When I am out with my twins, I am always hyper-alert. Milo and Ollie are both rascals who sometimes find it very funny to run away on the street. When I run after them to prevent them from crossing the road, they just find it hilarious and they run even faster. Good for my condition, yes, less for my state of mind. Sometimes I wish I had four pairs of eyes and twenty arms.

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No matter how alert you are, there is always that one second in which you are not looking, and something happens. Like recently during our outing at the zoo, together with my sister and her family. The boys were obediently walking with us all the time, until someone approached us and we started a conversation with that person. After a few seconds I looked up: I saw Oliver playing with his niece, but where was Milo? My heart immediately started racing. “I don’t see Milo anymore!” I shouted.

I saw that we were close to the elephants and feared the worst: that Milo had crawled through the fence and was now among those immense mammals. I ran towards the elephants and just when I was about to panic, I saw him. Milo, totally oblivious to his action, was picking up pebbles from the ground. When I ran up to him and called his name, he looked up and said triumphantly, “Look Mommy, pebbles!” He found them much more interesting than the elephants. Yet. Does anyone know where I can order four pairs of eyes and twenty arms?

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