Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue is a rare opportunity

With the Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue you get a rare opportunity to buy a unique version of the console. But you have to be quick!

To keep the sales of the Nintendo Switch nice and high, the company occasionally comes up with a special version of the handheld console. Today is the day again with the Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition. The console comes in a red blue theme with the iconic character in the lead. With this version, Nintendo reflects on more than 35 years Super Mario Bros.

Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue

Not only the Switch itself, but also the matching Joy-Cons are of course in red and blue. If you have not yet understood the memo. Mario’s appearance is red and blue color, hence. The product comes in a matching bag. What is good news is that you do not have to pay extra for this special version.

The Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition is available from February 12 and will cost 329 euros. The device will also simply be sold in the Netherlands, so keep an eye on your favorite (web) stores. Be quick, because chances are that it will be sold out quickly. And with such a limited version you naturally have something special at home.

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