Recharging the Navigo pass with iPhone is available

It is now possible to top up your Navigo pass in NFC with your iPhone. The service should have been available on January 20, but it’s finally ready. It’s in place today.

Everything happens within the application Île-de-France Mobility. All you have to do is go to the “Purchase” tab and choose the option to buy or reload the titles. A new window appears on which you must tap “Read my pass”. All you have to do is put your Navigo pass on the top of your iPhone for the two to communicate using NFC. Then comes the last step which is to buy your title. It can be a day package, week package, annual package or other.

Until now, Navigo pass holders had to go to a RATP terminal to recharge. Not always practical depending on the situation. Charging the Navigo pass can now be done from the iPhone directly. You must have at least an iPhone 7 under iOS 13. However, the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR are incompatible at the start.

Charging the Navigo pass from the iPhone using NFC is just the start. Next month, Ile-de-France residents should be able to use their iPhone as a Navigo pass. No need to have the physical card anymore!

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