TOP 10 Android applications that Slovaks download most often (1/2021)

The popular series with the most downloaded applications continues in 2021. Again, let’s look at the ones that Slovaks download most often. In the TOP 10 ranking we can find regular regulars, but also other interesting applications. Traditionally, there are various communication tools and, of course, social networks or other applications used for online communication. These are the most downloaded applications in January 2021.

This list contains the most downloaded applications by Slovaks, regardless of their quality. Before installing an unknown application, first check its ratings, we are not responsible for the quality of applications.

1. Exercise for weight loss and muscle growth!

2. ChallengeLab

3. EWA: Learn English

4. Reface: Face swap videos and memes with your photo

5. FindNow

6. WhatsApp Messenger

7. ABOUT YOU Fashionable Online Store

8. Wish – Shopping is fun

9. Netflix

10. Vova

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