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Wednesday made it clear to us why it is a dreaded day for the news summary – in the end, much more emerged than we thought yesterday in the early evening. This time, all the essentials revolve around the renewed label Lucasfilm Games and the pair of games connected to it. The first of these is being developed by Wolfenstein’s authors from MachineGames, and in the coming years they will look at the character of Indiana Jones. On the other, they work in the Massive Entertainment studio and – wonder of the world – it will be a game from the world of Star Wars. But the big open-world is just beginning its journey and it will be some time before it can be specifically discussed. Beyond this information, however, we do not forget about CES 21, a timetable full of delays or the upcoming fan DLC for the second Mafia.

List of topics

00:53 – Wolfenstein authors announce new Indiana Jones. MachineGames Studio, headed by Bethesda, is working on a whole new adventure. For a change, Massive Entertainment creates an open-world game from the world of Star Wars

10:18 – The famous brand Lucasfilm Games returns after 30 years. The famous logo will accompany games from the world of Star Wars. But Disney does not plan to develop itself

14:54 – In Ghostwire: Tokyo, most of the population mysteriously disappears. The horror event is inspired by traditional Japanese folklore and modern urban legends

20:31 – Nvidia introduced the RTX 3060 card with 12 GB of memory. It is to arrive on the market at a pleasant price at the end of February. Mobile RTX cards are also being prepared

27:59 – Sony announces the dates of the expected games for the PS5. We know when Ghostwire comes out: Tokyo, Project Athia, Kenya: Bridge of Spirits, Stray or Pragmata

30:33 – Timetable: Postponement of Stronghold: Warlords, hints on the release date of Mass Effect remasters, postponement of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, demo version of Little Nightmares 2 on consoles and early access shift King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

39:41 – The director of Warcraft wrote the screenplay based on the game Full Throttle. You can download it for free and read it yourself. Duncan Jones solved the author’s block

43:34 – Riot and Bungie sue the author of the cheats for Valorant and Destiny. He ignored calls to give up. Protective tools can’t handle his cheats

48:41 – Hitman 3 takes us to six countries around the world. Agent 47 will visit three continents in the last adventure. He will see the tallest building and the Romanian mountains

52:47 – Next-gen update for Fallen Order unlocks 60 fps. The enhancement is free for both PS5 and Xbox Series. Only Microsoft consoles offer two modes

56:01 – Fans are working on their own DLC for Mafia II. The expansion called Henry and His Story promises new characters, places and content cut from the original

59:43 – The new special edition of Switch has completely different colors. Nintendo is celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Super Mario brand with a distinctive red-blue console

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