Apple iPad Pro 11 Look Leaked Through CAD Renders – Design Resembles Fourth-Generation iPad Pro

Just a couple of months after the iPhone 12 series was launched, netizens had a sneak peek into the structural design of the upcoming 11-inch iPad Pro. The design got revealed through a RAW CAD render that was leaked on the internet. The source or the individual who leaked the image also stated that the design of the iPad Pro will not be drastically different from the older models. In fact, the new design very closely resembles the design of the fourth-generation iPad Pro.

When rumors surfaced

Towards the beginning of this year, one heard rumors about Apple working on developing an upgraded version of an 11-inch and a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The rumors suggested that the new models will be launched in the market sometime in March. According to the reports, Apple was going to retain the general design of the new generation model the same as the older devices. There was a plan to make some modifications in the internal speaker system, perhaps by bringing down the number of speaker holes and altering their positions. If the information stated in these reports turn out to be true, Apple will soon release official images of the product.

What to expect from the new model

One has come across a lot of unconfirmed information about the iPad Pro and one is not too sure what to believe and what not to. The only confirmed information one has received is about the product’s screen size and dimension. The third-generation iPad Pro was the first Apple device to feature an 11-inch display screen. Now, with its upcoming models like the iPad Pro 11, Apple wants its customers to have multiple options when it comes to the size of the display screen. According to sources, the 11-inch iPad Pro’s dimensions will be 245.74 x 176.61 x 5.90mm.

The iPad Pro 11 will, reportedly, would be as broad or thick as the previous generation models. It will be as compact and portable as any other iPad Pro model that arrived in the market earlier.

While the exact specifications of the camera are still to be known, the features are most likely to be unchanged. It will have a dual-camera setup with a sensor, an LED flash, a slate-like form factor, and bezels on the front. The leaked images also give a fair idea about the position of the buttons in the device. On the right side, there will be the volume rocker and lock button features on the top. Like the earlier models, you can charge the new model with the help of a USB-C cable. There were rumors about the speaker grilles being smaller this time around and that might just be true. On the render’s right-side, you will find cutouts that would facilitate the attachment of a physical keyboard to the device.

Though certain publications have reported (different) dates for the launch of the iPad Pro 11, the exact date is yet to be confirmed by Apple. There are also rumors about the company incorporating the mini-LED display technology in the new-generation iPad Pro. The veracity of these rumors can be tested once the model arrives in the market.

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