Netflix will automatically download content on Android

With Netflix Downloads For You, the streaming service can automatically download recommendations to your Android smartphone. But are users waiting for this?

A while ago, Netflix introduced the brilliant Smart Downloads, but now they take it a step further. With the so-called Downloads For You, the streaming service ensures that you automatically have enough content on your smartphone. Netflix uses your preferences and wishes to automatically download content to your Android device.

Netflix automatically launches downloading

Downloads For You is intended to download recommendations directly for you. Instead of automatically downloading subsequent episodes (Smart Downloads), Netflix is ​​already downloading content for you that you might like. If you thought you could finally accept that your home page is already completely full of irrelevant ‘recommendations’, Netflix will also automatically download those same recommendations.

Of course you can choose not to activate the function. If you still have enough storage space on your Android smartphone, it can of course not hurt. You can adjust the feature slightly by indicating how much storage space you have left for Downloads For You. Obviously, Netflix only downloads when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. Here you can find the feature:

  • Open the Netflix app on your Android smartphone
  • Go to it Downloads tab (bottom right)
  • Switch Downloads For You on or off)
  • Choose the amount of downloaded content on your device (1GB, 3GB or 5GB) and enable the feature

Netflix has clearly put a lot of effort into serving random content recently. In addition to the Smart Downloads and Downloads For You, there is also the Shuffle Play feature (which works terribly badly).

The latest randomness feature is now rolling out on Android and will be tested on iOS soon.

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