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Netflix: how to bypass the block to share your account?

We got used to sharing the usernames and passwords of the same Netflix account with friends or family! Practical, economical, this method had become the norm between relatives who did not live together. But on May 23, in a press releasethe streaming giant announced the end of recess.

Netflix announces the end of account sharing

From now on, a Netflix account can only be used by members of the same household. That is to say the people who live in the same home, clearly identified thanks to the techniques used by the platform. For Netflix, the reason is simple: to diversify income. With its 31 billion revenue in 2022growing by nearly 7% compared to 2021, the company does not have the profile of a company in crisis…

How will blocking work?

Well, technically, how will the validation of authorized profiles, in other words living under the same roof, work? If the company is not very loquacious about the means used, it nevertheless gives some elements. Thus, Netflix will require users to connect at least once every 31 days to the Wi-Fi associated with your primary account device.

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In addition, the company will use all useful information to identify trusted devices, namely those compatible with sharing restrictions. IP address, device identifier, account activity on a computer or laptop… However, Netflix does not envisage (for the moment) any subscription penalty in the event of a blocked account.

Can we still share our Netflix account?

You guessed it, it will therefore be complex to share your Netflix account. Say goodbye to the account lent to your cousin from Lille when you live in Marseille, connecting once a month to your Wi-Fi would be more expensive than the “User outside the home” offer provided by the company: 5.99 € per additional subscriber.

However, if you share your account with relatives living in your geographical area, it will therefore be possible to continue to lend the identifiers. Indeed, let’s remember, it would seem that one Wi-Fi connection per month is enough to keep a device active.

Finally, Netflix has provided for specific cases, such as joint custody or second homes. The application thus takes into account two Wi-Fi networks and considers them as connected to the main household. However, the account will still need to connect to these networks at least once every 31 days.

For Netflix, this major change in its policy is above all a huge gamble. The objective is to monetize the 100 million households using the platform via loaned identifiers. But for now, the first consequences felt are above all the departure of several million subscribers in countries already impacted by the end of sharing.

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