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Miley Cyrus and Temptation Island

With so many different streaming services, the offer is overwhelming. In our weekly streaming tips, we recommend films, new albums and more in addition to series. In our movie tips from week 49 (2020): Miley Cyrus and Temptation Island.

Film tips week 49 (2020): Miley Cyrus and Temptation Island

With a Chromecast in your television or a Chromecast Audio in your speaker, you can view and listen to media from your smartphone in better quality. That is useful, but then you have to know what to watch and listen to. That is why we offer the Android Planetmovie tips. Here we give some current listening and series tips, both for free and paid services.

1. Miley Cyrus – Plastic Hearts (Spotify)

Miley Cyrus has received a lot of praise on social media in recent times for videos of live performances of Heart of Glass by Blondie and Zombie by The Cranberries. So it’s smart that the singer has also placed these recordings on her new album Plastic Hearts. But it wasn’t really necessary, because this album is full of strong songs. With both smooth rock and beautiful ballads, this is a collection of songs to listen to one after the other without getting bored.

Listen to Miley Cyrus’s Plastic Hearts on Spotify.

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2. Temptation Island: Love or Leave (Videoland)

Temptation Island is back on Videoland, but with a new concept. In Love or Leave, four couples are separated in Italy. They are then put in touch with singles looking for a serious relationship. Through dates, people have to find out whether they want to go back to their regular partner, or want something different.



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3. The Pack (Prime Video)

The bond between dogs and their owners can be particularly strong. That is why it is not surprising that they have built a reality series around this at Amazon. In The Pack, owners and their dogs go on different adventures to see how strong the bond is between the duos and what the dogs can achieve. A must see if you have a relationship with dogs.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

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4. Heartbreak High (Netflix)

If you grew up in the nineties, you have undoubtedly watched Heartbreak High on television. This Australian series about young people in a school was a big hit. Do you feel like a blast from the past? Then you can now watch more than two hundred episodes of this series on Netflix.


5. The Christmas Chronicles 2 (Netflix)

Can’t get enough of Christmas movies? Then The Christmas Chronicles 2 is now ready for you. Kurt Russell is back as Santa Claus, with Goldie Hawn by his side as Santa Claus. A villain wants to steal the star from the Christmas tree in the Christmas village where all the presents are made. This star hides the village from the rest of the world. If that works, Christmas will disappear forever. It is up to a few children to prevent that.


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